National Competency – Based Teacher Standards(NCBTS)l

What does NCBTS  stand for?

  • It is an integrated theoretical framework that defines the different dimensions of effective teaching.

National Competency Base National Competency-Based Teacher Standards

  • The Philippine NCBTS has defined what Effective Teaching is. It has clearly stated the strategic and indespensable role of the Teacher in the learning process of the students.

The NCBTS Framework is divided in 7 Domains:

1. Social Regard for Learning

2. Learning Environment

3. Diversity of Learners

4. Curriculum

5. Planning, Assessing, reporting

6. Community Linkages

7. Personal growth and Professionalism

According to the Framework “This will allow teachers to self-assess their own performance against the Competency Standards in order to identify areas of strength as well as areas that need to be developed further in order for them to function more effectively as facilitators of learning.”

Domain 1. Social Regard for Learning (SRFL)

The SRFL domain focuses on the ideal that teachers serve as positive and powerful role models of the value in the pursuit of different efforts to learn. The teacher’s action, statements, and different types of social interactions with students exemplify this ideal.

Domain 2. Learning Environment (LE)

This domain focuses on importance of providing a social, psychological and physical environment within which all students, regardless of their individual differences in learning, can engage in the different learning activities and work towards attaining high standards of learning

Domain 3. Diversity of Learners (DOL)

The DOL domain emphasizes the ideal that teachers can facilitate the learning process even with diverse learners, by recognizing and respecting individual differences and by using knowledge about their differences to design diverse sets of learning activities to ensure that all learners can attain the desired learning goals.

Domain 4. Curriculum (Curr.)

The curriculum domain refers to all elements of the teaching-learning process that work in convergence to help students understand the curricular goals and objectives, and to attain high standards of learning defined in the curriculum. These elements include the teacher’s knowledge of subject matter and the learning process, teaching-learning approaches and activities, instructional materials and learning resources.

Domain 5. Planning, Assessing & Reporting (PAR)

This domain refers to the alignment of assessment and planning activities. In particular, the PAR focuses on the (1) use of assessment data to plan and revise teaching-learning plans;

(2) integration of assessment procedures in the plan and implementation of teaching-learning activities, and (3) reporting of the learners’ actual achievement and behavior.

Domain 6. Community Linkages (CL)

The LC domain refers to the ideal that classroom activities are meaningfully linked to the experiences and aspirations of the learners in their homes and communities. Thus, this domain focuses on teachers’ efforts directed at strengthening the links between schools and communities to help in the attainment of the curricular goals.

Domain 7. Personal Growth & Professional Development (PGPD)

The PGPD domain emphasizes the ideal that teachers value having a high personal regard for the teaching profession, concern for professional development, and continuous improvement as teachers.

Why Do We Need the NCBTS?

  • – Provides a single framework that define effective teaching in all aspects of a teacher’s professional life & in all phases of teacher development.
  • Minimize confusion about what effective teaching is.
  • Provides a better guide for all teacher development programs



29 Responses to “National Competency – Based Teacher Standards(NCBTS)l”

  1. gay fuego Says:

    NCBTS is not yet fully understand by the teachers.DepEd should give more seminars for us to equipped knowledge about it to provide better guide in teaching

  2. jeff Says:

    For me it is good source of information that i’ve found and it is applicable for me as a future teacher..thank you and God bless!

  3. jeff Says:

    It is a very accurate source of information for all teachers. God bless!

  4. melodee bayani Says:

    well ncbts is a great help for the teachers..

  5. Monafer Bajao Says:’s an integral part of teaching

  6. Monafer Bajao Says:

    ncbts helps a lot

  7. joan Says:

    NCBTS is also a wake up call for all the teachers to make a difference in the lives of our children.

  8. jean Says:

    well…ncbts really helps the teacher to be more effective and effecient…!

  9. Mary ann Acnadal Says:

    it help a lot especially to make a lesson for the student.

  10. anamie selencio Says:

    NCBTS once understood by all teachers really can help produce effective teaching and learning.

  11. maribel ortiz Says:

    yes…every teacher must know what is really ncbts all about.

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  13. darlene gabunada Says:

    ncbts is a great factor helping teachers to be more effective and in touching the
    childs life

  14. Elsie Marie Says:

    NCBTS must be an effective guidelines for educators ryt?

  15. Araceli Says:

    … until now. ncbts were not fully determined and understand by teachers. . .DepEd must provide more seminars and enough time to inculcate the process of ncbts. . .

  16. maria lucia t. balong Says:

    i am very happy that i was able to read this message. it helps me a lot to deepened my own understandng bwt ncbts.

  17. nexus Says:

    who among of u here have the electronic spreadsheet of the NCBTS pls have me the copy

  18. Lybeth Tagadiad Says:

    thank helps me a lot on my report tomorrow

  19. Hyaney Lyn Says:

    Thank you for this information. 🙂

  20. Rochie A. Vasquez Says:

    for me this Program will really help teachers to know more about what they must have to do and in what areas do they have to developed more to perform effectively,,,and this will also help teachers to grow and developed as a whole person.
    Thanks a lot for this program,,,it will really help a lot and will really serves as my guide in what and how to teach and deal with my students in the near future…;-)


    this is a wonderful site to visit by the teacher . I’ve got so much information , Thank you 🙂

  22. Nikki Says:

    ,,thank you for your lots of information about NCBTS it really help us for gathering some informations for our report. 🙂

  23. Jonah Clarus Says:

    Hi po. We are using NCBTS as our standardized too for our researchl in assessing general education teachers for their inclusive practices. and we are planning to adapt and modify it to insert some statements like knowledge of teacher in handling children with disability” and so on and so forth. So pwede po gamiton ang NCBTS for our research without asking permission to the deped? hope maka reply po kayo thanks.

  24. munch olena Says:

    NCBTS is very important for the future educators thank you very much for having this kind of article this is a unique guidelines for
    a teacher to be effective in his/her teaching method for the students learning. .do you think po all the teachers should know about NCBTS? i hope po you answered, thank you. .

  25. Karnisze Says:

    this is a wonderful site to visit by the teacher . I’ve got so much information , Thank you

  26. Ellen Says:

    this gonna be our guide…

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