(TSNA) – Teacher Strength and Needs Assessment

Research says:
– lack of regional and division structure for effective teacher training
– lack of systematic TSNA Processes
– attributed to not having accurate information on TSNA
– INSET content generally not TSNA-based
– content of training had become repetitive and found them a waste of time
– topics aree not suited to the grade/yearl leevel

TSNA – determination of the differences between the actual condition (what is)  and what should be  (standard)

Teacher Strengths and Training Needs Analysis:

Phase 1 – Job Analysis for Effective teaching
Phase 2 – Teacher-Trainee Analysis – Instrumentation, Data Gathering
Phase 3 – Difference Analaysis – TSNA Data

Knowledge – appropriate technques
Attitude – respect and concern

The GOOD News:
The NCBTS TNA Tool – anchored on the NCBTS
– manual version
– electronic version

Code for Competency Level

L – Low
F – Fair
S – Satisfactory
H – High


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14 Responses to “(TSNA) – Teacher Strength and Needs Assessment”

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    ok i will send it as soon i get my usb flashdisk. thanks

  3. Loyax Says:

    Kindly publish the e-version of the TSNA tool

  4. raed Says:

    hi,, i do research in a topic like it can you please send me e-version of your search

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    hi ma’am good day! can you please send the TSNA form E-VERSION.thanks

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    hi good day can you please send me a copy of the TSNA Form E-Version. Thanks.

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    Please publish the copy og e version TSNA. tnx

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    Please send me the e versionTSNA in email ad. thanks

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    please send us your e version of your toolkit.tnx

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    please mam send us e version of tsna in my email add

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