Who Should Use the NCBTS?


  • to design and implement effective pre-service teachereducation curricula


  • in designing the Licensure Exam for Teachers.Organizations and agencies: that implement in-service education for teachers (INSET) shall refer to the NCBTS in developing their interventions. Award-giving bodies in defining their criteria for outstanding teachers.
  • The Department: in formulating its hiring, promotion, supervision, and other policies related to the teaching profession.  It shall also use the NCBTS to guide its INSET programs for teachers.
  • Most important, individual teachers in all the public elementary and high schools all over the country shall use the NCBTS for their professional development activities.

How Should Teachers Use the NCBTS?

  • As a guide to reflect on their current teaching practices;
  • As a framework for creating new teaching practices
  • As a guidepost for planning for professional development goals
  • As a common language for discussing teaching practices with other teachers

How Can the NCBTS Help Teachers Improve Their

  • The full impact on student learning is best achieved by integrated and cumulative improved efforts of many teachers.
  • The qualities of good teaching are found in individual teachers, but these are strengthened & valued more when it is supported by communities of teachers & educators.
  • Teachers personal efforts are enhanced when groups of teachers work together to improve their teaching and when the immediate and larger work environment supports the efforts of the teachers.
  • As the guide for thinking critically about whether the teacher’s current practices are helping students attain the learning goals in the curriculum.


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