Pura V. Kalaw History

Pura V. Kalaw Elementary School, got its name in honor of PURITA VILLANUEVA ( nickname PURA).


  • First beauty queen of the Philippines
  • First Carnival Queen of the Philippines
  • First Filipino Feminist

Purita Villanueva Kalaw was born on August 27, 1886  in Arevalo, Iloilo to Emilio Villanueva,  highly educated man from Molo, and Emilia Garcia, a very beautiful Spanish lady from Palencia, Spain. At first, she attended the Santa Ana college in Molo but following the Spanish tradition of limited schooling for girls, her formal education henceforth consisted of a six month stay at Santa Catalina College in Manila on her 15th year.Her beauty and charm first attracted Manila’s high society when she was proclaimed “the best dressed lady” during the costume ball sponsored by Sociedad Artistica, an organization of Spaniards and well-to-do Filipinos. The crowning glory of her womanhood came in 1908 when at the age of 22, she was poclaimed “Firt Carnival Queen” of the Philippines, a beauty title that was the forerunner of today’s “Miss Philippines” or “Binibining Pilipinas”

Pura Villanueva’s first love was writing, and it was as a writer that she first made a name for herself. In fact, before she figured prominently in any beauty contest, she had already won major literary prizes. In 1907, she garnered first prize in an essay contest in Iloilo. This was followed by first and second prizes in other contests. As a journalist, she contributed weekly articles to El Tiempo in Iloilo. She also served as that paper’s “Woman’s Page” editor. She was also a contributor to metropolitan periodicals. Her writings were not limited to articles and short essays, which mostly dwelt on feminine rights. She also authored books and pamphlets. Among her published works were: Osmeña From Newspaperman to President, How the Filipino Got the Vote, Outstanding Filipino Women, Anthology of Filipino Women Writers, The Consumer Cooperatives in the Philippines, The Filipino Cookbook, The Filipino Flag, and Condimentos Indigenas.

A brilliant conversationalist and woman leader. A member of the National Federation of Women’s Club of the Philippines in the year 1950.

On the Occasion of the National Independence Day Awards on July 4, 1951, she was awarded on Award of Medal of Merit by the Civic Assembly of Women by the late President, Elpidio Quirino, pinned a merit for her role in woman suffrage.

She met her husband TEODORO M. KALAW, in society of Philippine culture. Through the efforts of the Women’s Club of Project 4, Quezon City.  Her daughter namely Maria Villanueva Kalaw, Teodoro Villanueva Kalaw Jr, amd Evelina Kalaw-Pines. 

Purita Villanueva-Kalaw was an active worker, cIvic leader, philanthropist, and successful businesswoman at the time of her death on March 21, 1954, a victim of heart attack. She was then 67.

The school was completed in the year 1958.

With the non-stop growing population of the community and nearby barangays, the school correspondingly expanded and a more buildings were created.

As of 1981, enrolment was 200 pupils with 55 teachers. The school did not only progress in population but also gained prominence in the different areas academically and physically.

At present, the schools enrollment reached out to 2,400 pupils, with 75 teachers.

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