wi-tribe…true speed…join the tribe…

wi-tribe…true speed…join the tribe…

By sweetlhen2008

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Wi-Tribe uses BOOM 4G Broadband Modem (Motorola “MOTOWI4 CPEi 150″ Home Modem)

Move up guys ….wi-tribe 4G broadband is now available in 2 postpaid plans.Plan Php 998   speeds of up to 1 mbps on the first 6gb usage per month and Plan Php 1998 speeds of up to 2 mbps on the first 12gb usage per month.Both unlimited surfing and browsing. 4G broadband modem that connects you to our 4G Network is free  with MOVE UP Plan P998 and MOVE UP Plan P1998 with a 24-month subscription plan.

wi-tribe  promises to provide consistent quality and high-bandwidth connection using 4G, higher bandwidth than other broadband service providers

wi-tribe brought to you by Liberty Broadcasting, Network Incorporated , a partnership between San Miguel Corporation (the largest food, beverages and packaging company in Southeast Asia) and Qtel/Qatar Telecommunication Group ( a global telecommunication giant).

wi-tribe…true speed…join the  tribe…

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the GSIS.
This page is just about sharing.



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