Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers
Pursuant to the provisions of Article II, of RA No.7836, otherwise known as the “Philippines Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994 and paragraph (a), section 6, PD No. 223, as amended, the Board of Professional Teachers hereby adopts and promulgates the following “Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers”.

Article V (The Teacher And The Teaching Community)

Section 1. Teachers shall at all times, be imbued with the spirit of professional loyalty, mutual confidence, and faith in one another, self-sacrifice for the common good, and full cooperation with colleagues. When the best interest of the learners, the school, or the profession is at stake in any controversy, teachers shall support one another.

Section 4. A teacher shall hold inviolate all confidential information concerning associates and the school, and shall not divulge to anyone documents which have not been officially released, or remove records from files without official permission.

Section 5. It shall be the responsibility for every teacher to seek correctives for what may appear to be unprofessional and unethical conduct of any associate. This may be done only if there is incontrovertible evidence for such conduct.

Section 6. A teacher may submit to the proper authorities any justifiable criticism against an associate preferably in writing, without violating any right of the individual concerned.

Article IX The Teacher and Parents

Section 1. A teacher shall establish and maintain cordial relations with parents, and shall conduct himself to merit their confidence and respect.

Section 2. A teacher shall inform parents, through proper authorities, of the progress or deficiencies of learners under him, exercising utmost candor and tact in pointing out learners’ deficiencies and in seeking parent’s cooperation for the proper guidance and improvement of learners.

Section 3. A teacher shall hear parent’s complaints with sympathy and understanding & shall discourage unfair criticism.

Article X (The Teacher and Business)

Section 1. A teacher has a right to engage, directly or indirectly, in legitimate income generation, provided that it does not relate to or adversely affect his work.

Section 2. A teacher shall maintain a good reputation with respect to financial matters such as in the settlement of his just debts, loans and other financial affairs.

Section 3. No teacher shall act directly or indirectly, as agent of any commercial venture which furnishes textbooks and other school commodities in the purchase or disposal of which he can exercise official influence, except only when his assignment is inherently related to such purchase and disposal, provided that such shall be in accordance with existing regulations.

Article XI (The Teacher as a Person)

Section 1. A teacher shall live with dignity in all places at all times.

Section 2. A teacher shall place premium upon self-respect and self-discipline as the principle of personal behavior in all relationships with others and in all situations.




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